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Hi to all:

I was tired of varnishing or oiling the teak wooden pieces that are part of the forward and aft cleats--I had even tried epoxy-coating them, without lasting results--so I thought that it'd be a lot more convenient to replace them with stainless steel pipes. Luckily, 40mm and 30mm stainless steel pipes perfectly fit the bases of the forward and aft cleats respectively, so I bought some offcuts and took them to my stainless steel specialist, who cut them to the same length of the original wood pieces, then filled and rounded off the edges. (The 30mm pipe which is for the aft cleats is a very tight fit, so I had to sand the inside of the four bases a little. The result may not be as pleasing to some eyes as the original but at least it's a step towards a lower-maintenace boat.

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