Nut caps in the cabinets

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Nut caps in the cabinets

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I found some very nice nut caps for the nuts and bolts in the cabinets, so that we won't have to risk tearing hands or clothes on the bolt ends. They look like this:

And fit like this:

I used two sizes: M8 and M10, fitting 8 and 10 millimeter bolts. I used them in the here and there and used 44 size M8 and 33 size M10. In the hanging locker, the bolts are especially risky when removing hanging clothes. But I used them also in the cabinet below the fore triangle, and on the beam of the main bulkhead, just to conceal the nuts.

I had to buy 100 of each size, so I still have for one more boat to be "nutcapped" and anybody interested can have them for 150 danish Kroners or 20 Euro plus shipping.

Best regards Jesper.