The comforts of home

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The comforts of home

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Hi to all:

Having spent a lot of time looking at interior photos of Ballads in our forum, I’ve taken a liking to the version without the outboard berths. It may provide less stowage than the layout in Moments of Clarity but the settees are wider providing close to the sofa-like comfort one enjoys at home. Mine, on the other hand, offer all the comforts of a church bench. One night, while I was sitting in my IKEA armchair at home reading a book, I started thinking of how nice it would be if I could do the same in Moments of Clarity. So, at the bewilderment of my girlfriend, out came the tape measure, then the jigsaw. The alteration and installation were very simple and now I can recline in comfort, read the Sunday papers, sip a drink or even take a nap, as if I was aboard a Hallberg-Rassy 54. Although they certainly take up more space than the original arrangement—and I’m minus one berth—it hasn’t created a problem and, more importantly, access to stowage remains the same. Also, all it takes to reduce them to easily-stored pieces is six screws, since IKEA designed them to be shipped plat-packed.

“Moments of Clarity” #334

The original set-up. One can easily imagine how uncomfortable it was.

Cushions and back are removed

The donor chairs were cut at the yellow line. The spare
wood will be used to make other nice bits and pieces.

Top arrow: The sawn edges were given two coats of teak-tinted varnish.
Bottom arrow: Legs were made from off-cuts to retain the chairs’ natural incline. Comfort-wise, this makes all the difference.

The frames were through-bolted to the settee base with cart bolts…

…which have a domed head and don’t threaten the flexible water tank that’s installed underneath.

Because of their slatted backs, the chairs don’t impede access to the stowage behind.
Here they await cushions and owner.

Yes, they’re just as comfortable as they look.

Ahh! A happy owner catches up on the latest boating news.