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BalladKnowledgeBase / BalladExchange Information

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Hi Balladiers,
This forum part, the 'BalladKnowledgeBase' was created in July 2011.
At that time we were informed, that one of the most important Ballad activists Jesper Milling, who created the original BALLAD EXCHANGE forum will stop his activities.
Since the future of BALLAD EXCHANGE was not secured, we decided to start copying the content to our forum software.

Actually we are trying

1. to complete this BalladExchange History and

2. to move this Database to the new created BalladExchange Forum of the Swedish Ballad Club.

Feel free to use this forum part as well or add information on existing topics.
We intend to move the complete forum 'BalladKnowledgeBase' to the new BalladExchange forum.

Good Wind All Ballad Skippers,
Jörg for

PS: The German Ballad Association would be really happy if some international Ballad Skippers will make it to the WELCOME RACE. In the recent years, we could convince the Race Committee to have a BALLAD ONE DESIGN Group at the WELCOME RACE. We had 9 Ballads at the line in 2012 ! COME AND JOIN THE BALLAD FLEET IN 2013! Race Sailing for Fun!